is a software-installer for Linux;
it allows you to create installation-packages
with the following Features:
- selfextracting
- multilanguage
- unInstall
- menu, desktop-icon
- GUI-support (Gtk2) - overheadsize only 50 kb
- 100% scriptbased = flexibel & easy to use
- only for Unix, does not use rpm, pkg ..
- License is GPL

The Linux-Version of gCAD3D is packed with gxInstall.

Last Updates:
V.0.20  / 2006-12-02  minor bug fixes.
V.0.01  / 2006-11-09  First Version.

Prerequisites: gtk2-runtime, tar, gzip (should be present on all Linux-computers)
GTK: see www.gtk.org.

 2006-12-01  ca6583270f676a694ff2c2ef0d3d24f7
 2006-12-01  16989c7ad46333a9cfeabd3601800081

The gxInst-package contains executable and sources
The Test1-package demonstrates a test-installation.

ToDo / Bugs:
Using /usr/bin/update-menus with ~/.menu does not work with Mandriva 2007.
Creating the menu should be done like kmenuedit does;
if you can fix this or know how it works, please tell me.

Author / Publisher:
Please report bugs/improvements to franz.reiter()cadcam.co.at

Screenshots of the installation-process: