• is a user interface abstraction layer for C-programs
  • completely separates the application from the GUI-software
  • makes the application independent from the gui-system
  • is a graphical user interface toolkit simplifying the design of GUI's
  • is a C - library with sampleprograms
  • provides full OpenGL-integration
  • Linux interfaces to Gtk2 or Gtk3, 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • MS-Windows (XP, Win7) interfaces to Gtk2
  • Functions use standard datatypes
  • have a unified callback-interface
Programs using C-KIT-GUI-GTK:

  • gCAD3D
Linux Prerequisites:
  for using C-KIT-GUI-GTK:
    gcc, Gtk2 or Gtk3-runtime libraries
  for using C-KIT-GUI-GTK with OpenGL:
  for modifications of C-KIT-GUI-GTK:
    gcc, Gtk-development-files (libgtk2.0-dev or libgtk-3-dev),
      OpenGL-development-files (eg mesa-common-dev), ctags.
    Installation of gtk3-development-files; eg for debian-os:
      sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0-dev
      sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0-doc
      sudo apt-get install gtk-3-examples

Linux Install:

start commandline (eg gnome-terminal)

mkdir guiGtk2
cd guiGtk2
cp xxx/C-KIT-GUI-GTK-*-Linux.tar.gz .
gunzip C-KIT-GUI-GTK-*-Linux.tar.gz
tar xvf C-KIT-GUI-GTK-*-Linux.tar
cd gui

change gtk-version (VGUI):

vi options.mak

Rebuild / start examples:

make run -f hello-world.mak
make run -f tst_lst1.mak
make run -f tst_lst2.mak
make run -f tst_ed1.mak
make run -f tst_gui1.mak
make run -f tst_gui2.mak

If menu is not visible (on Ubuntu 11/12) do:


ReCreate the shared library:

make -f c-kit-gui-gtk.mak

Linux Uninstall: cd rm -rf guiGtk2

MS-Windows Prerequisites: for using C-KIT-GUI-GTK: MS-C-Compiler (gcc or MS-Visual-C (C++, Express))
  for using C-KIT-GUI-GTK with OpenGL:
    OpenGL32.lib, Glu32.lib (Microsoft SDKs)
  for modifications of C-KIT-GUI-GTK:
    the package contains all development-files;
    get the gtk-dokumentation from www.gtk.org.
MS-Windows Install (Win-XP and Win7):
Unpack C-KIT-GUI-GTK-*.**-MS.zip into directory %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%

  • all files are in directory %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\guiGtk2
  • the registry is not affected / modified.

Rebuild / start examples:

  You will need a commandshell with the correct compiler-environment.
    You can use the Visual-Studio-Commandwindow or cmd.exe plus e.g.:
    "C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat"
       (for VC8)
    Test MS-compiler with:
  cl /?
  cd %HOMEPATH%\guiGtk2\gui
  nmake -f hello-world.nmak
  nmake -f tst_gui1.nmak
  nmake -f tst_gui2.nmak

ReCreate the shared library:

  cd ..\gui_gtk2_MS
  nmake -f libgui.nmak

MS-Windows Uninstall: cd rmdir/s %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\guiGtk2

History: V0.60 / 2014-10-24 Bugfixes, gtk_handle_* removed. RF. V0.50 / 2014-01-18 Bugfixes, new ScreenCast-functions GUI_TUT_m__ GUI_TUT_t__ for Gtk3 only. RF V0.42 / 2013-09-07 Bugfixes, Minor updates. RF. V0.40 / 2013-01-18 Bugfixes, NEW: MS-Windows-Version. RF. V0.32 / 2013-01-05 Minor updates. RF. V0.30 / 2012-10-22 First productive version. RF. V0.20 / 2012-09-04 Gtk3-version, 64-bit-version, new parameter "opts" in many interfaces. V0.10 / 2012-08-17 Changes, Editor (../gui_gtk/gtk_ed1.c) new. V0.01 / 2012-05-16 First release.

Links: GTK: http://www.gtk.org.

Report bugs, improvements to support at gcad3d.org