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This program is free software (GPL-3); you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, see www.gnu.org/licenses/

ThirdPartySoftware used by gCAD3D:
  OpenGL    - 3D-display (www.opengl.org)
  GTK       - Userinterface (www.gtk.org)
  gtkglarea - GTK-OpenGL-Binding (live.gnome.org/GtkGlArea)
  djpeg     - Imagedecompression, the Independent JPEG Group (www.ijg.org)
  GL2PS     - OpenGL to PostScript Printing Library (www.geuz.org/gl2ps/)

Development-toolchain Linux:
  cscope    - SourceCode-browser (cscope.sourceforge.net)
  vim       - Editor (www.vim.org)
  ctags     - SourceCode-IndexSystem (ctags.sourceforge.net)
  GNU-GCC, make, gdb  - C-Compiler (gcc.gnu.org)
  Doxygen   - DeveloperDocumentation(www.doxygen.org)

Development-toolchain MS-Windows:
  cscope    - SourceCode-browser (cscope.sourceforge.net)
  gvim      - Editor (www.vim.org)
  ctags     - SourceCode-IndexSystem (ctags.sourceforge.net)
  cl, nmake, windbg  - Microsoft Express-Compiler C and Debugger
  Doxygen   - DeveloperDocumentation(www.doxygen.org)
  NSIS      - PackageBuilder (nsis.sourceforge.net)

Log-file (new functions): gCAD3D_log.txt Standardrelease: V.2.35 / 2017-04-20 Bugfixes, trimmed-curves changed (see www.gCAD3D.org/doc/watertight.htm) V.2.34 / 2016-10-17 Automatic scaling rewritten, bugfixes. V.2.32 / 2016-05-15 new print-format PDF, export-format JPG. V.2.30 / 2016-03-31 DXF-export rewritten, bugfixes. V.2.28 / 2015-08-26 New Demo-plugins, bugfixes. V.2.26 / 2015-06-25 bugfixes. V.2.241/ 2015-03-20 MS-Windows-version added in sourcepackage and on github (gCAD3D.org/download/gCAD3D_2.241-src.zip oder github.com/gcad3d/gcad3d) V.2.24 / 2015-03-02 License changed to GPL-v3; get complete sourcecode from github.com/gcad3d/gcad3d or from gCAD3D.org/download/gCAD3D_2.24-src.zip V.2.23 / 2015-02-19 Prerelease Windows (minor changes, Step-export-dll added. V.2.20 / 2015-01-08 New: CAD-Interaction, updates for DXF-import, Step-import.gCAD3D_log.txt V.2.20 / 2014-04-04 Neu: sweep-surfaces, loft-surfaces, Step-export gCAD3D_log.txt V.2.14 / 2013-10-22 Parametric: dynamic modification of numeric values, "find parent-objects" and "find child-objects" Video: modifyValues V.2.12 / 2013-09-06 Viewport-button, .dxf-import and .obj-import improved, see Releasenotes. V.2.10 / 2013-05-09 New: NC-processor, ellipse, tangents to ellipse, b-spline, .. V.2.01 / 2013-03-07 CAD-Planes rewritten, Demoprog. VisualBasic.Net remoteControl, bugfixes. V.2.00 / 2013-01-05 New: RemoteControl. V.1.91 / 2012-12-05 new Interface to Gtk3, Step-import rewritten, Analysis-function "Measure". V.1.82 / 2012-04-04 bugfixes. V.1.80 / 2012-01-20 improved CAD-inputmethods, new debian-installationpackages, bugfixes. V.1.70 / 2011-10-06 New: convert and join B-Splines, connection-lines. Buxfixes. V.1.64 / 2011-07-24 New: Joints (import objects from subModels) V.1.62 / 2011-05-23 Application "3Dfrom2D" (create 3D-models from 2D-drafts Demo_CPP - a plugin made in C++ (using gcad-functions from a cpp-DLL) V.1.60 / 2011-04-02 Search (Ctrl-F) renewed, adaptions for MS-windows 64-bit, ApplicationData .. V.1.56 / 2011-01-29 Digital Terrain Modelling - application APP_GIS1: breaklines and void areas added. See APP_GIS1.htm V.1.54 / 2010-11-13 multiselection of a group of objects with the mouse see GROUP_en.htm using keycodes improved, documentation improved see VWR_en.htm, CAD_en.htm, MAN_en.htm V.1.52 / 2010-10-12 SVG-Export V.1.50 / 2010-09-12 MS-Win32: bugfixes. V.1.50 / 2010-08-28 Error at startup Ubuntu 10.04 with Mesa fixed Linux64: error maximize-window fixed Linux32: catch SegmentFaults in plugins V.1.50 / 2010-06-26 new function "Measure" TextureEditor (move, zoom texture with mouse) Print to networkprinters .. customize directories (in the startupscript) DXF-Import: buffersize increased Selections improved (Pointeditor ..) V.1.46 / 2010-03-27 new Linux 64-bit-version; DXF-Import: import also rounded Polylines. Step-import: bug with rational b-splines fixed. display CAD-helpfiles with firefox: bug fixed. V.1.44 / 2010-02-26 VRML-2-Import (no Animations, textures not yet) tooltips and messages spanish/french/italian updates for windows-7, bugfixes. V.1.42 / 2010-01-15 all tooltips internationalized (de / en) new PointEditor (move points of lines, polygons, splines .. - all depending objects are updated dynamically) OBJ-Files-Import: support for newer Format (blender, SweetHome3D) V.1.40 / 2009-11-18 MS-Windows-Version only: missing xa_dxf_r.dll added. V.1.40 / 2009-11-15 Browserwindow (treeview of all objects), object-specific popup-menus (right mousebutton) V.1.34 / 2009-09-08 Linuxversion now using libgtkglext (up to now libgtkglarea). V.1.32 / 2009-08-29 INTersect and CUT improved. Select-options with middle mousebutton. Change Browser and Editor (Standards). V.1.30 / 2009-07-21 Linux-Version: problem "xa_test.so" fixed. V.1.30 / 2009-07-17 DXF-Import completely rewritten. V.1.28 / 2009-06-08 New documentation (mainly german), bugfixes. V.1.26 / 2009-03-06 Defektive Package gCAD3D-1.26-Linux-x86 replaced. V.1.26 / 2009-03-05 New: create parametric points at selection of surface segment-faults at startup fixed for Puppy-Linux MS-Win: ported to VC9 (Express-2008-Compiler) V.1.24 / 2008-11-13 New: curves from intersection surface x surface; bugfixes. V.1.2 / 2008-10-09 New: ObjectNames, filter with names, ObjectList ("Search/Name") V.1.18 / 2008-09-10 MS-Win-Bug (startup-crash) fixed. V.1.18 / 2008-09-08 New: JPG-Files for textures; move / scale textures dynamic. GTK-Version 2.12 for MS-Win. V.1.16 / 2008-08-12 New: Applicationprogramming with Inputforms (see Help/Application) V.1.14 / 2008-06-10 processing-Constants-bug in FormulaInterpreter fixed. V.1.14 / 2008-06-09 Bugfix Formulainterpreter (PRI-command). V.1.14 / 2008-06-06 Formulainterpreter improved, bugfixes. V.1.14 / 2008-03-05 Function to import, modify, export GIS-(Ascii)-pointfiles; create mesh ("TIN") of GIS-points. V.1.14 / 2008-01-18 Bugfix for openSuSE-10.3 and Ubuntu-7.10; English Documentation. V.1.14 / 2007-12-04 Circle tangential to 3 Objects; tangential to 2 Objects rewritten Development-Package: Functionheaders & Description (DevelTools.txt) Documentation translated into English (~ 50 % of CAD-Help) V.1.12 / 2007-10-20 Mesh-Import from Landmark.xml, Clothoid-Curves, compress models, join B-Splines, new Circle- and Vectorfunctions. Bugfixes: Iges-Import from Qmax, VRML2-Export: Overflow; DXF-Import: Overflow. V.1.10 / 2007-09-03 UserCoordinateSystem, B-SplineCurves through Definitionpoints, B-SplineSurfaces from sectioncurves or BoundaryCurves V.1.08 / 2007-07-07 Import of Iges-Files from Autocad-Inventor V.1.08 / 2007-06-17 Bugfixes CATALOG. V.1.08 / 2007-05-08 Modify subModelPosition (Translate/Rotate/Surface-to-Surface) Standardpartfunctions Catalog; new Function WRITE/CALL. Export in Format STL; subModels are exploded (f. Blender) WRL-Export: exports now also Mockup-subModels (wrl,stl,..) V.1.06 / 2007-03-27 Import STL-Files, MS-Win-Version: MS-VC8-Compiler, GTK 2.10 interactive Help-Funktion for CAD: not yet translated from german V.1.05 / 2007-01-13 MS-Windows-Development with VC++2005-Express Compiler (VC8) OpenGl-Libs from "Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK" V.1.04 / 2007-01-01 Intersection Surface X Plane; Linux: Installer gxInstall .. V.1.02 / 2006-09-13 VRML-2-Export, Textures, SurfaceColors, DXF-Export:3DFACES, .. V.1.00 / 2006-05-12 SurfaceStyle, Linetyp interact.; Points parametr.; Bugfixes.


Prerequisites for the Linux-version: libc.2.4 or newer, GTK+2 or Gtk+3, OpenGL/Mesa.
Prerequisites for the MS-Windows-version: none (gCAD3D comes with all necessary Gtk-runtimelibraries).

Filesize  Datum  md5sum
Linux - bin:
Linux-32-bit: gCAD3D-2.35-bin-i386.deb
 2017-04-20  74b0c2cf9e14f188469af1d1baf2476a
Linux-64-bit: gCAD3D-2.35-bin-amd64.deb
 2017-04-20  08013a49f516b178542b77d09731988e
Windows - bin:
XP, Win7, Win8: gCAD3D-2.35-win32.exe
 2017-04-20  5acf0e412770a8b4c215f51fb790db67
Linux, Windows: https://github.com/gcad3d  
 2017-04-20  1d519162b97acd676fea83786589daa9
VB.Net: Demo1gCadRemoteControl.zip
 2013-03-07  de9f8772ebbc07ac790f5a3b4e8ee81a
3D - Modelle:
Landmark: TestLandmark1_xml.zip
 2007-10-20  2e10e746aebcabe4fd8a9bd92a7d3257
Step: Motor_step.zip
 2005-11-10  4cf3568d9bbc69d50f53a13b1b244616

Step-models from www.steptools.com - eg: weldment_asm_solid

gCAD3D has its own

The creation of geometrical elements / NC-programs can be done by -

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Vordach1 (Sept. 2006, mit gCAD3D konstruiert) Vordach1.zip


Import DXF

gCAD3D - Intersections for NC



Step import from Catia V5 (Contributor: Gerhard Olbert) Motor_step.zip

VRML1-Import (Models von VRweb)