Settings Options Standards / Tolerances Standards / Text Standards / Color Standards / Linetypes Standards / Directories Standards / Directories Changing the HTML browser (for Help) Standards / editor, change the text editor (for directories) Application startup Directories ____________________________________________________________________________


Preferences for Print command and Browser are read from file {base}/cfg/xa.rc Default paths (menu - Standards -> Directories): Directories accessed with File/Open are defined in the file {base}/xa/dir.lst (Format: "symbolic base name | full path name / filename"). Default values ​​for Z-buffer size, model size, Text Sizes are in file {base}/xa/gCAD3D.rc. These are set with menu Standards -> Tolerances Standards -> text The setup file for the PostScript output is {base}/xa/psv.setup. ____________________________________________________________________________

menu Standards -> Tolerances

Tolerances will automatically tolerances derived from the (maximum) Model Size. Modify The entire model is recalculated immediately. Reset The values are reset to the values defined in file /xa/gCAD3D.rc). The room size (default is 500 mm) is used to calculate the tolerances (Curve representation, Identical-point tolerance, etc). Room size changes at 10m: MODSIZ 10000 The default value is in the file {base}/xa/gCAD3D.rc. ____________________________________________________________________________

menu Standards -> Text

This allows the default text sizes, and a scaling factors to be defined. The default text size in Notes is active when no explicit text size is defined. Modify The entire model is recalculated immediately. Reset Predefined values are in file /xa/gCAD3D.rc). The font size for text and dimensioning is defined by DEFTX Textsiz {>} {text {DimTextSiz General Scale} {} The number of decimal places is set interactively or in menu Standards -> text. The default values ​​are in the file {base}/xa/gCAD3D.rc. ____________________________________________________________________________

menu Standards -> Color

Defines default color. ____________________________________________________________________________

menu Standards -> Linetypes:

The linetype table is defined in the file {base}/cfg/ltyp.rc Default is ~/gCAD3D/cfg/ltyp.rc. It is modified by editing the above file with a text editor. Additional linetypes may be defined up to a maximum of 45. This table is valid for all sub-models currently loaded. This table is not stored with the models: in the model only the table index is stored. Default-content of ltyp.rc is: 0 000 0 1 // Normal Typ_Att_PT 1 116 0 1 // text blue Typ_Att_def 2 000 2 1 // dashed Typ_Att_go 3 000 1 1 // dash-dot Typ_Att_rp 4 755 0 1 // faces1 thick1 Typ_Att_Fac 5 116 3 2 // faces2 thick1 Typ_Att_Fac1 6 555 0 1 // faces3 thick1 Typ_Att_Fac2 7 990 0 3 // yellow thick3 Typ_Att_Symb 8 090 0 3 // green thick3 Typ_Att_hili 9 822 0 4 // hilite thick4 Typ_Att_hili1 10 447 0 1 // dimmed thick4 Typ_Att_dim 11 000 0 4 // black thick4 Typ_Att_top1 12 900 2 2 // red dashed thick2 Typ_Att_top2 # # Format: indexNr colour lineTyp lineThick // comment # # colour 3 digits; red, green, blue. # 900 = red, 090 = green, 009 = blue; # 000 = black; 999 = white, 990 = yellow .. # lineTyp: 0 = full-line (VollLinie); 1 = dash-dot (Strich-Punkt), # 2 = dashed (kurz strichliert) 3 = dashed-long (lang strichliert), # lineThick: 1-6, thickness in pixels Example: Line Type 2 (G2): black, thin dashed lines; ltyp.rc to file with: 2 0 2 1 // Index 2, Color standard (0 = black), Type dashed line (2) // Standard line thickness (1 = thin)). Activation manually: G2=0 2 1 ____________________________________________________________________________

menu Standards -> Directories

All directories that should be accessed with File / Open Model, must be defined here. This sets the symbolic directory list in the button "DIR-SYM" in the menu File -> Open model dialog. There must be a directory set for each symbolic name defined on the list defined. These can be set to any directory. These can be set with a text editor by editing file {base}/xa/dir.lst. Note: Access rights for writing is required. Unix example: Data /usr/home/gCAD3D/dat/ IGS /mnt/win_d/gCAD3D/Models/igs/ MS Windows example: Data C:\WINDOWS\gCAD3D\dat\ IGS F:\MODELS\gCAD3D\igs\ CD0 D:\ The symbolic directory '.' is replaced by the currently active directory (Eg. for textures to load from the same directory as the native model). ____________________________________________________________________________

Startup / Startup Parameters:

Startup: The model {base}/tmp/Model will automatically be opened on startup. Submodels are given the filename {base}/tmp/Model_{submodelName}. You can create these files with any preprocessing program. The file {base}/tmp/Model is automatically created when the program ends. Startup Parameters: The program can be started with the following parameters: new // open blank model. load // load named model. Path/filename is the following parameter. defLoad // load the default model (normally done automatically) // after processing startup parameters. reLoad // reload the temporary model (after crash) run // work from defLoad Model (before exit) comp // compile dll's - activate checkbox exit // normaler Programmstop (mit sichern) mode_cad // start in CAD mode. mode_man // start in MANual mode. noTB // no Toolbar noMB // no MessageWindow noBrw // no BrowserWindow Undefined parameters: {Filename}.{Filetype} Filetype .gcad, .dxf, .igs, .stp, .bmp, .jpg: // load model (image). File name must be complete. No filetype: // plugin (DLL, shared library) with that name to load; Examples: ./gCAD3D new Start with no model loaded. ./gCAD3D load sample_activ_1.gcad noTB noMB Load model "sample_activ_1" from the last directory used (DirIn), hide toolbar and message window. ./gCAD3D comp defLoad tst3 Dynamically download and compile dll (shared library) TST3, and startup with default model. ____________________________________________________________________________

Program Directories:

Standard File Locations: All directories are created under ${HOME}/gCAD3D/ The program directories in the startup script can be altered if required. ____________________________________________________________________________